About Us

Founded by a pioneering team in immunotherapeutics and artificial intelligence , CancerMune is delivering on the promise of biotechnology and immunoinformatics to solve the most complicated challenges in cancer medicine

CancerMune is a biotechnology company dedicated to pursuing groundbreaking science to discover and develop medicines for people and animals with severe and life-threatening diseases. Our transformational discoveries include the first therapeutic vaccine for HPV and HPV-derived tumors.

A Member of the UC Davis Venture Catalyst and QB3.

CancerMune became a member of the UC Davis Venture Catalyst and the California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences in 2020. As part of our induction to these selective biomedical research groups, we have combined the research and technology commercialization initiatives of the University of California in San Francisco, Berkeley, and Santa Cruz, with the world-leading research in animal health sciences from UC Davis to hasten the development of our dual-purpose therapeutic vaccines for humans and companion animals. CancerMune's Davis campus serves as the headquarters for our operations in the United States.